OK, so it's a strange hobby; aren't they all strange to someone who's not into it? Don't ask when or how or why I started collecting records by female impersonators. Maybe it was when a DJ pal gave me a promotional copy of a Charles Pierce LP so many moons ago, or maybe it had something to do with my brief and inglorious stint on the stage back in the late 70's. But whatever the reason, the more I looked, the more I found. I marveled as time went on at just how many female impersonators had made commercial recordings. When setting up this website, I wondered if there were anything unique I could give to the cyberworld, and the one thing I haven't seen is a discography of Drag Queens. So I thought, why not?


My only criteria here is that the artist be a bona fide female impersonator- though some later became bona fide females! (More or less.) I've excluded things such as the Broadway shows Sugar or La Cage aux Folles, since even though drag is a fundamental part of their plots, their stars were not known as female impersonators. There are, I suppose, the occasional violation to this rule herein, but hey-it's my website.


One more thing-if you have any corrections or additions to this list or if you just want to put in your two cent's worth, then drop me a line!


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