The Compact Disc Era


Kevin Aviance

Box Of Chocolates (Wave Records; CD, 1999)


Miss Lady Bunny

Shame, Shame Shame (Maxi Records MX-2041; 12" single, 1996)
Shame, Shame Shame (Maxi Records MX-2041-2; CD, 1996)
Pussycat Song (NEV 4002NEV8; CD Single, 199?)

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Tina C.

As fine and sweet a country gal as you'd ever want to meet, Tina (the creation of UK comic Chris Green) has several CD's listed on her website. I don't know how many of these are legit and how many (if any) are the product of Tina's dreams, but if they're not real, they should be.

It Ain't Easy Being Easy (MM Music; CD) [GBR]
Smells Like Tina Spirit (MM Music; CD) [GBR]
Complete & Utter Country (MM Music; CD) [GBR]
No Dick's As Hard As My Life (MM Music; CD) [GBR]
Don't Love Me Too Much (MM Music; CD) [GBR]
Live In Sidney (Hum! Records; CD) [Aus]

Shampale Cartier

I'm Talkin' to You (Sounds for People SFP 9612; 12" single, 1997)
I Got A Man (Sounds For People SFP 9637; 12" single, 1998)
I Got A Man (ZTT/Parallel PARA 1; CD single, 1998)

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Vaginal Crème Davis

Eddie Izzard

One of the wriest wits to come out of the UK since the heyday of Monty Python, Eddie Izzard took London by storm in the mid-90's. His own peculiar style of rambling yet pointed monologues so enthralled the sell-out crowds that they soon forgot that he was delivering them in a gown, make-up and heels.

Unrepeatable Live (Laughingstock 38 ; CD, 1994)
Definite Article (Laughingstock 49; CD, 1995)
Glorious (Laughingstock 65; CD, 1997)
Dress to Kill (Laughingstock 86; CD, 199?)

Kinsey Sicks

What can be said about a drag troupe that turns Little Peggy March's hit into an acapella "I Will Swallow Him?" Girl . . .

Dragapella (CD)
Boyz2Girlz (CD)

Varla Jean Merman

The Very Worst Of Varla Jean Merman (Peak Performance;CD)
Enough About Me: An Unauthorized Autobiography (Peak Performance;CD)

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Grae Phillips

Canadian-born Grae Phillips has made quite a name for herself on the New York cabaret scene, and her distinctive style shows up in some places you would expect (like Sally Jessy Raphael) and some you wouldn't (like the TNT miniseries "Nuremburg")

More Than You Know (CD)

Paula Pure

British drag queen who has done a great deal of cabaret, television and-surprisingly-commercial singing/voiceover work.

No Spring Chicken ... But Finger Lickin Good (CD)

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Pussy Tourette

. . . In Hi-Fi (Feather Boa 3-93012-6; CD, 1993)
All My Misery (Feather Boa 3-93022-3; CD, 199?)
Kiss / All My Misery (Showoman Music; 12" Single, 1995)
Who Does She Think She Is? (Feather Boa 3-93032-4; CD, 199?)

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find (CD)
That Lady Can Swing (CD)
The Exciting Life /Das Aufregende Leben (Rusty Jazz; CD, 2000)

Honey West

Take Honey West Home (West Recordings; CD, 1997)