The Classy Broads


Michael Aspinall

Fey Opera Queen who did travesti and Victorian ditties in a convincing soprano.

The Surprise Soprano (London OS 26537; LP, 1977)


Jean Fredericks

A superb parodist in the manner of Victor Borge and Anna Russell, Canadian born Fredericks possessed a well-trained counter tenor voice that could produce a full-toned soprano that was never forced. His act, a favorite with opera queens, began as he swept onto stage in a flowing gown and began singing favorite arias in all seriousness. Only gradually would he lapse into increasingly outrageous comedy: playing the trombone, donning a Viking helmet to ape the platform manner of German sopranos, tossing jewelry into the audience at the appropriate moment during an aria from Gounod's Faust. His most famous song: "Nobody Loves a Fairy When She's Forty!"

Recitals Are A Drag (Eyemark EML 1001; LP) [UK]


La Gran Scena Opera Co.

Founded in New York by Ira Siff in 1980, this gay travesti troupe parodies grand opera. Still going strong, they are are favorite of Rodney Milnes of Opera magazine, who accepts their great range, from viscious satire to sophisticated subtlety.

La Gran Scena Opera Co. di New York (GS/MG 014; LP)