Ladies of Color


Baroness Bobo

One of a number black drag queens in the 70's with pretty racy material.

There's a Mouse in My Pants (Laff 154; LP)


Effie Dropbottom

Black drag queen from Texas in the late 60's-early 70's, on a very possibly privately issued label

. . . Tells It Like It Is (Ovide LP 225 ; LP ca. 1969-73)


Geraldine (Flip Wilson)

It seems odd in retrospect that such an outrageous character as Geraldine was so wholeheartedly accepted by the American televiewing public in the early 70s-with nary an eyebrow raised. Wilson called upon the hypersexuality and broad posturing of a generation of African-American drag artists to create, for a time, a national icon. Don't fight the feeling.

The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress (Little David LD 1000; LP)
Geraldine (Little David LD 1001; LP)


Billie McAllister

This raunchy black drag queen was on the late 60's Kent label of the equally raunchy Rudy Ray Moore. See also Lady Reed and Jerry Walker for others of Moore's stable of drag performers.

What A Big Piece of Meat (Kent KST 011; LP)


Pearl Box Revue

A 1960's black drag revue from the Pearl Box bar in New York. Three sides of this double LP are the usual drag stuff, but the last side is a more somber "interview" with the performers that is, in retrospect, frightening in its self-loathing sentiment.

Call Me Miss-ter (Snake Eyes 9001; LP)


Potts and Panzy

The shrieking, screaming, cursing duo of Jimmy Potts and Arthur Matthews. The act, frankly is a horrible mess, but the LP cover and the name of the act surely deserve a nod.

That's My Wife (Laff A 143; LP, ca. 1972)


Lady Reed

Queen Bee Talks (Kent KST 004; LP)
Will the Real Dick Rise? (Kent KST 009; LP)


Jerry Walker

Another of Rudy Ray Moores stable of drag artists.

Fairy Godmother (Kent KST 003; LP)
Sell It or Sit on It (Laugh Your Ass Off 061; LP)