Charles Pierce


Charles Pierce was perhaps the best known female impersonator of the 1970's and 80's. While Divine had her following and Jim Bailey was certainly well-known, Charles Pierce was the unrivaled grande dame. He began his career in 1954, writing a sketch for Arthur Blake about Norma Desmond's return to Sunset Boulevard. Blake liked the piece, but said it was too long for his act, so Pierce performed it himself a the Club LaVie in Altadena, CA. He was soon headlining.

He spent the next 45 years on stage, appearing in countless nightclubs (including a 6 year run at San Francisco's Gilded Cage), television programs, and stage productions culminating in an appearance in the film Torch Song Trilogy. He issued numerous video cassettes of his equally numerous farewell performances, but (other than the Torch Song soundtrack) only two LP's.


For Pierced Ears (Wanda MP 2101; LP)


Charles Pierce Live at Bimbo's in San Francisco (Blue Thumb BTS 30; LP)

 Torch Song Trilogy [soundtrack] (Polydor 837 785 1; LP)


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