The Great Pretenders



Jim Bailey

Popular 1970's female impersonator known for his remarkable impressions of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and Peggy Lee.


Jim Bailey (UA S-5642; 1972)
Live At Carnegie Hall (UA LA148-H2; 1973)
Voices (DCC Compact Classics DZS-164; CD, 1998)


Fred Barton

Unusual nightclub act featuring an impression of Margaret Hamilton's villainous Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz

Miss Gulch Returns (Miss Gulch Records 5757; LP, 1986)


Arthur Blake

Impressionist of leading ladies and "arch" men of the 40's & 50's. He later did some stage shows with Jayne Mansfield; he appears on her Las Vegas album.

Curtain Time (Star-Crest 1001)
-reissued as The Best of Arthur Blake (CT 1001)
Jayne Mansfield Busts Up Las Vegas (20th Century Fox SFX 3049)
--reissued as Jayne in Las Vegas (World Record Club import TP 262)



Stephen Brinberg

Cabaret entertainer whose impersonations of Barbra Streisand, Julie Wilson and others garnered rave reviews in the 90's.

Simply Barbra (Jay Productions CDJAY 1329; CD, 1999) [UK]


Lynn Carter

Enormously popular female impersonator of the 50's-70's whose first big break was Kay Thompson's much-publicized lawsuit seeking to ban his lampoon of her act. Though white, he was best known for his Pearl Bailey, often billed as "the boy with the Pearl Bailey personality." He was emphatic that his 1982 death of aids be publicized and announced to promote public awareness of the then unknown epidemic.

She's a He (Fiesta 1257; ca. 1958)


Michael Greer

Known for his portrayals of flamboyant gay characters in 1960's films, such as the over-the-top landlord in "The Gay Deceivers" and the evil inmate Queenie in "Fortune in Men's Eyes"

Tallulah in Heaven (Riprap R 1010)


Jimmy James

Who Wants To Be Your Lover (Interhit 54018; CD Single/CA Single/12" Single, 1998)
One & Many Voices Of Jimmy James (Full Blown Records 21503; CD, 2000)



Frank Marino



Craig Russell

Canadian drag star whose equal facility at precise imitation and broad comedy led to a cult following in the 70's, culminating in the popular film "Outrageous" and its obscure sequel.

Outrageous! [soundtrack] (Polydor PD 1 8902; LP)
Too Outrageous! [soundtrack] (LP)
Glamour Monster (Change CR187-0101; 12" Single, 1988) [CN]