Queens of England

& Colonial Dames



Douglas Byng

(1893-1987) English drag artiste of the sophisticated international set of the 1920's and 30's. His specialty was character numbers which he wrote himself, often impersonating historical figures (Nell Gwynn, Queen Elizabeth I) or dialect pieces (Flora McDonald). He was also an elegant actor, excelling in Cowardesque drawing room comedies, and worked regularly until his death in his 90's.

Christmas Pantomime - Parts 1 & 2 (Decca F 3287; 10" 78 rpm)
Douglas Byng Looks Back (Ace of Clubs ACL 1155; LP, 1963)
Some of his recordings are available on CD compilations:
Flora McDonald
-on Listen To The Banned: 20 Risque Songs Of The 20s & 30s (ASV CD AJA 5030; CD)
Miss Otis Regrets
-on Anything Goes: The Songs of Cole Porter (ASV CD AJA 5331; CD)
Thank You So Much, Mrs Lowsborough-Goodby
-on Hey, Good Lookin': Cole Porter, 1927-1944 (Avid 571; CD)
Naughty Nellie Gwyn; Flora McDonald; At the Ball
-on Masculine Women & Feminine Men (Pavilion PAST CD 7072; CD)
Naughty Victorian Days
-on Great Days of Music Hall (Empress EMPRESS RAJCD 834; CD)
I'm One of the Queens of England; Spring
-on Cabaret's Golden Age: Volume 1 (Pearl Flapper 9727; CD)



Dame Edna Everedge

Barry Humphries' very successful drag act of the voracious virago from down under.

Housewife Superstar (Charisma CAS 1123; 1976)
The Sound of Edna (Charisma CAS 1140; 1978)
The Dame Edna Party Experience (Epic MOOD 7; LP, 1988/ Epic MOOD CD7; CD, 1988) / (CBS 463235-1; LP, 1988) [Australia]


Hinge & Bracket (George Logan & Patrick Phyffe)

Although their routine started in gay clubs, Dr. Evadne Hinge & Dame Hilda Bracket are more character comedy in the manner of Mrs. Shufflewick than the high camp of Danny La Rue or Lee Sutton. Still, their act is long-lived (over 25 years) and has an enormous cult. These quintessentially English and upright eccentrics have a counterpart in Dame Edna Everedge (q.v.) of Australia and Mrs. Evite Bezuidenhout (Pieter-Dirk Uys) of South Africa.

Volume 1 (One Up/EMI OU 2125;LP, 1976)
The Cat Duet (EMI 2551; 7" 45 rpm single, 1976)
An Evening with . . . (One Up/EMI OU 2181 [OC.054-98 992];LP 1977)
In Concert (One Up OU 2227; LP)
Dear Ladies (BBC REH 450;LP, 1983)
Stout Hearted Men
Hinge & Bracket at Abbey Road (EMI)


Foo Foo Lamarr

English drag queen with working-class roots and high-class aspirations.

My Life at the Palace
"Around The Old Campfire" (7" single; UK ca. 198?)


Danny La Rue

Perhaps the most successful British drag act of the last 35 years, the Irish-born La Rue has had enormous stage success with his own shows (Come Spy Wih Me; Queen Passionella; At the Palace et. al) though rather less with established vehicles (Hello, Dolly! and La Cage Aux Folles). Admittedly influenced by Old Mother Reilly (Arthur Lucan), La Rue's act is pure English music hall camp.

Come Spy With Me (Cast recording) (Decca 4810; LP, 1966)
Live at Danny LaRue's (Page One POLS 018; LP, 1969)
-reissued as In London (DJM DJSL 003; Silverline 003; LP)
Music Hall (MFP 50012; EMI 6248; LP, 1970)
Hello, Danny (Columbia SCX 6377; EMI 6377; LP, 1970)
Danny La Rue's Sing - Along Party (One Up; LP, 1979)
To Mother With Love (MFP 50409; LP, 1978)
On Mother Kelley's Doorstep (Page One POF 108; 7" 45 rpm single)
Hey Neighbour (Db 8712; 7" 45 rpm single)
Peggy O'Neil (Page One POF 127; 7" 45 rpm single)



Reg Livermore

Australian actor who has had several stage successes in drag.

Rocky Horror Show (Australian cast album)
Betty Blockbuster Follies


Lily Savage

Tough at the Top (Nightmare Records MARE 64; 12" 45 rpm, 1988)


Mrs. Shufflewick

The alter ego of Rex Jameson, the delightfully smutty Mrs. Shufflewick is a holdover from the old music hall days, heavily influenced by classic drag stars as Douglas Byng and Old Mother Reilly.

Pubs, Pearlies & Pints (London 99436; ca. 1969)
Amazing Mrs. Shufflewick: Live! at the New Black Cap (London SW 99545; 1972)


Lee Sutton

English drag queen of the 60' & 70's

A "Near Miss?" (Jubilee 2073; 1968)
The Best Of Lee Sutton (EMI NTS 163; 1979)
--also, one other UK album on EMI, possibly called "A Bang in the Alley"