Divine was born Harris Glenn Milstead on October 19, 1945 in Towson, Maryland. His family moved to nearby Lutherville-outside of Baltimore-when Harris was 12. Six houses away was another little boy named John Waters. Milstead-who worked briefly as a cosmetologist-began doing drag in his teens, encouraged by Waters who in 1966 cast him in his first movie. Waters and Milstead-now rechristened Divine-made several films in Baltimore with a small cast of eccentric performers, culminating in the legendary Pink Flamingos, in which Divine eats . . .
OK, we all know what she eats. And I for one think she ought to have at least one tribute to her that doesn't talk about it. She was so much more than that. Of all the drag divas on this site, Divine is the only one I've ever seen live in concert, and it was a fantastic time. It was almost 20 years ago, but I remember how her energy and humor wowed the audience. She may have played the trashiest woman alive, but she was a class act all the way. It is virtually impossible to find anyone in Hollywood who has anything bad to say about her, and that's no small feat. And if you'll surf the web a little, you'll see that she is the subject of more fan sites and shrines than all the other performers here put together.
Her days as a disco diva gave her international status. Her records, many produced by the amazing Bobby Orlando, were popular in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Japan. It is for this reason that, like Ray Bourbon, creating an exhaustive discography for her is futile. Very nearly every one of her recordings appeared in different countries at different times with different catalog numbers and different covers. I've divided them here into the singles and the LP's and CD's, but bear in mind that this listing is by no means definitive.
Divine was beginning a new phase of her career-a guest shot (as a man, no less) on Fox's Married With Children when he died on the day of taping, March 7, 1988. He was 42.
Only the good die young.

The Singles

The LP's and CD's