The LP's & CD's
Divine (Boni Rec. 821001; USA, 1982)
Divine (Metronome 0060.569; LP, 1982)
Divine (Vanguard 8131851; 7" picturedisc)
Divine (Vanguard/"O" Records GEMA-813185-1 S1/2; 12" picturedisc, 1982/1983)/
Jungle Jezebel (O Records OLP 2; LP, 1982)
Jungle Jezebel (Unidisc Sun 7; EP, 1982)
Jungle Jezebel (Hot Productions HT6609; LP, 1982/CD6609; CD, 1994)
Also Released As: My First Album (Break Records 821001; LP, 1982)
Story So Far (Proto Rec. 260.07.075; LP, 1984)
Story So Far (Proto Rec. 3; LP, 1984)
Story So Far (Bellaphon LC1421; CD, 1984)
Story So Far (Receiver Limited REPLAY 3005; LP,1987)
Also Released As: The Best Of & The Rest Of (Action Replay CDAR1007; CD, 1989) [Israel]
Story So Far (Receiver NL1282151; CD,1992)
Story So Far (Rev 0144383003; CD, 1994)
Story So Far (Receiver; CD,1995)
Story So Far (Receiver 83)
Story So Far (Receiver CDKNOB3; CD, 1897/1999) [France]
Maid In England (Dancetrax DTRXC 700; CD / DTRXLP 700; LP, 1988)
Maid In England (ZYX Records 20.108; LP, 198?)
Maid In England (Galaxis GLX 9066; CD 1994)
Best Of Divine (Hot Productions / HTCD 16; CD,1991)
Best of Divine (O Records 16; CD, 1992)
Best Of Divine (Laserlight / Delta Music; CD, 1997)
Best Of Divine (Delta CD21024; CD, 1997)
Best Of Divine - Native Love (Dfp 3993001622; CD, 1999)
Best Of Divine - Native Love (Laserlight; CD)
Greatest Hits (Unidisc SPLK8004; CD 1994)
Greatest Hits (Unidisc /M016483; CD, 1994)
Greatest Hits (Kiosk CBU 62506; CD, 1996)
Greatest Hits (Unidisc 6838180042; CD, 1997)
Greatest Hits (CD, 2000)
Greatest Hits : Shoot Your Shot (Bud CBU62506; CD)
Born To Be Cheap (Situation SIT 5; LP)
Born To Be Cheap (Anagram CDMGRAM 84; 2CD, 1994)
Born To Be Cheap (CYD 13920842; CD, 1999)
Born To Be Cheap (Anagram 1392920842; CD)
Born To Be Cheap (Cherry Red 37720842; CD)
Born To Be Cheap (Cherry Red CDMGRAM 84; CD, 1994)
Cream of Divine (Pickwick 4228; 1994)
Shoot Your Shot (Abracadabra/MasterTone 3013; CD 1995)
Originals And The Remixes (Dance Street SPV; 2CD 1997)
Originals And The Remixes (ZYX; 2CD)
Originals And The Remixes (ZYX; CD)
also released as The Remixes (Avex AVEXCD 29; CD) [Israel?]
12-Inch Collection (Unidisc /SPLK-7098; CD, 1997)
12-Inch Collection (Unidisc 6838170982; CD, 1997)
12-Inch Collection (Selection 1758526; CD) /
You Think You're A Man (QED Label; CD)
Very Best Of... (Flashbacks 383573; CD)
Best of & Rest of (Action Replay Records/Tring/MCPS; CD)